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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blinkers and Road Rage – A Direct Connection

This week, I’ve had an epiphany…new cars don’t come with blinkers. They must be an option now, and cars falling under the luxury category clearly charge exorbitant fees for them. How else can you explain all the BMWs, Jaguars, Lexus’, even Porsches that don’t use signals when turning? And honestly, their SUVs are the worst. I’m thinking it could even be a malfunction. The driver is probably trying to signal, it just won’t work or the feature is not there….

This new phenomenon has led to raging cases of ADS (Angry Driver Syndrome for those of you not ‘in the know.’) Just yesterday, I followed a Lexus SUV for nearly two miles, and we turned six times…I did the signaling for both of us. I found myself, between expletives and banging my head on my dashboard, wondering if the rich moron in the Lexus thought it unnecessary, too much physical exertion, just entirely too exhausting to flip the damn little arm to let me and everyone else on the road know he was turning? (Note, I said “he”…) I have a message out there to every person who doesn’t use a signal: when I was in college, a classmate of mine was killed by an 18-wheeler because the guy driving the car with my fiend in it didn’t signal when he merged onto the highway. The lane was also an exit lane, so the trucker said he assumed the car was exiting. Apparently, when the Blazer, the car my friend was in, merged, the trucker didn’t have time to get out of the way… Both in the Blazer were killed, and a blinker could’ve saved their lives.

Not every turn requires a blinker, but it’s the habit that lets other drivers know what you’re doing, even if you don’t. New car manufacturers should be ashamed, getting rid of such features. I just can’t imagine that so many people in such nice cars could be that lazy, that stupid, that irresponsible that they’re just choosing not to use their blinkers.

I’m thinking of rear ending the next one who cuts me off without a blinker…I wonder if they wear their seatbelts?

Friday, September 7, 2007

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL?

I’m a summer girl, but there are so many things to love about this time of year…U.S. Open tennis, breathable weather, beautiful trees, the possibility of the Cardinals in the playoffs (they’re working on it…), and FOOTBALL!

I'm an avid Chiefs fan, so I have plenty to worry about, but just the idea of football gets my heart pumping! I've become a regular viewer of the NFL Network, I often check in with ESPN just to see what's new, and sometimes I leave it there because it's better than most of the shows on. I got sick of Vick (what kind of man makes money off cruelty to dogs???), and I admit, I'm tired of the whole steroid hunt. Just legalize it and level the playing field already. No, it's not the perfect answer, but there really isn't one…and why should Barry Bonds reap the benefits while other guys play by the rules and can't compete? They're all damaging the heck out of their bodies anyway…and I know steroids are horrible for athletes, especially during the teenage years, but from what I know about sports, a huge percentage are doing worse things trying to get the same result.

Anyway, I digress…everything about this time of year rocks, and it isn't just football. Sports rule, I even have a burgeoning interest in NASCAR since Carl Edwards is from Columbia and went to the junior high where I taught. Cardinals, Mizzou Tigers, Andy Roddick and James Blake, Venus and Serena, Albert and Ankiel, Tiger, LJ, Tony G…it's enough to make your head spin, even if Americans can't seem to win the U.S. Open now that Pete and Andre are gone. Yes, Andy had his year, but this guy Roger is a giant shadow over everyone else!

It also means the beginning of the TV season. Thank god for my DVR…I don't watch much TV when the shows are actually on. I study early in the evening…but I admit, I'm addicted to several shows that I'm eagerly awaiting: CSI (HELP SARA!), Criminal Minds, American Band, Survivor, House, Jericho (I hope it's been saved!!), Without a Trace…see, there are so many…at least with DVR, I can skip the commercials. All except the Sonic ones, of course.

Yes, Fall is here and the sound of crashing helmets, whistles, and grunts just makes me reach for the remote. Maybe ESPN is showing a rerun of NFL Live…