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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baggy Pants Begone

I find it so interesting that guys are still wearing baggy pants they have to hold on to. Did “Pants on the Ground” not show them how ridiculous this fashion is? Not to mention, it proved to me that guys absolutely dress for other guys, not for girls. How many girls see a boy with his jeans belted below his butt, having to hold onto them as he walks, and thinks, “Oooh, hot boxers.” Gone are the days of these guys having their butts admired by girls. Not to mention, there is nothing appealing about watching a guy walk bowlegged, holding his crotch or waist, to keep his jeans from falling. I mean really, guys, this isn’t a fashion girls like, so why are you dressing to fit in or please other guys? We girls have done that for years, dressing for other girls, whether competitively or for the sheer appreciation factor, but it doesn’t work for guys when that fashion doesn’t flatter you in any way. Will this fad ever end?

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