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Monday, May 5, 2008

6-word memoirs

In honor of the 6-word memoir trend (thank you, Ernest Heminway for your powerful: for sale, baby shoes, never used), I have dabbled with these for myself...

Glass half full, cracked but functional.
Pen to paper is my oxygen.
To love is everything to me.
Apathy only abated by enthusiastic innovation.
Fame matters only to get read.

If you try this and come up with some really powerful ones, share!!


Melody said...

I loved this exercise-here are the ones I wrote:
Was there. Now I am here.
Loren's daughter. Bill's wife. Jason's mom.
Excuse me? Think fast-back track.
If I die-you're in charge!

Janet said...

This was a cool activity. Thought provoking and creates a need for less is more--Glad to have met and learned from you Janet

RDierking said...

Did you change your website? It looks different. Here's a quickie suitable to the season:

Semester ending. Brain mush. Send alcohol.

Barri L. Bumgarner said...

Rebecca, I may have to borrow that one!