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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Does it ever amaze you the people who speak out against gay marriage and have such an opinion about it end up getting caught in men’s restrooms in uncomfortable predicaments? Me thinks thou doth protest too much…

Republican Senator Larry Craig proves what is wrong with passing judgment and using a political platform for it. Even if the quest for equality is qualified with separate phraseology (civil unions instead of marriage), the point is to allow people who are different the rights that being an American entails. We need only glance over our past to see how long it takes to give equal rights…women and blacks aren’t the only ones who’ve had to fight for them, but they are among the most prominent.

Why can’t we accept everyone for their differences and just move on? Every time someone stands up and decries gays for wanting equality, the listeners should wonder why that person cares so much. God is forgiving, and He’s the only one with the right to judge. The rest of us need to live our own lives and subscribe to the 1-800-Let-ItGo mentality. Managing one life and living it right is enough work without trying to do it for everyone else.

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