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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Frenetic Pace...

A week out of the country rejuvenated me for the bump and grind of life back in the states.

I learn more about Americans every time I leave the states, the most important of which is that we're WAY TOO BUSY!!

Why do we go at such a frenetic pace when we know it's taxing our brains, our bodies, our families? I don't think there's an se, as they say in Puerto Vallarta. Life is sure simpler on the beach, away from phones, e-mail, and the daily pressures we put on ourselves.

I'm a hypocrite though, because as soon as I got home, I let the 572 e-mails overwhelm me, along with the packed two weeks I was facing: Literacy Academy all day Monday through Wednesday and also in Rolla on Friday, meetings all day Thursday, and then out of town in Rolla the following week before driving straight through to the Florida panhandle. *Whew* All the while, I need to be prepping for classes I teach at MU in the fall. Have I missed a deadline for the textbook? Did I answer that e-mail about the updates for the online class? Wasn't I supposed to write a short synopsis for my upcoming book (Playing the Line) for Vox Magazine?


My next task...lobby for a bill for a 25th hour in a day or put a rush on that whole cloning thing...

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